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15W LED Downlight OSRAM chip 24º UGR17 140lm/W

Our new Downlight 24º LED is made entirely of Aluminum, with lens in PMMA of high transparency.

The lens achieves a dual effect thanks to the last generation double-acting lens (light beam concentrator) made of PMMA (methyl polymethacrylate), causing a base light and a 24º concentrated primary angle to emphasize the object to be illuminated, and a softer 60º secondary angle to avoid accentuated shadows.

It has a modern design with a high quality white finish with baked paint.  It has an opening angle of 24º make it an ideal luminaire to focus very specific areas.

Why is UGR important?

Lighting is often an undervalued element in companies, which certainly deserves more attention, as it has a great influence on the well-being and productivity of employees.

The lighting level must have the necessary intensity to be able to work and that the environment is clearly lit, but without producing annoying and harmful glare to the eye.

The Unified Glare Index is a value that indicates the degree of glare produced by certain luminaires and/or light sources from a given user position. This value is based on the recommendations of the new European standards for interior lighting: EN 12464-1 standard.

What are the factors with a LED downlight in the determinant in the UGR?

The UGR measurement depends on several variables. For the valuation we can name as relevant the following factors:

  •     The shape and size of the space.
  •     The brightness of the wall surface, ceiling, floor and other large flat surfaces (Luminance).
  •     The Type of Luminaire.
  •     Distribution of luminaires in space.
  •     Observer position.

24º Optics and UGR17

The downlight has a high reflection system, to maximize the luxes delivered by the luminaire while preventing the glare produced by the LED diode.

Maximize your savings with LED

Decorate your indoor spaces and start saving on your electricity bill, with LED technology you can reduce up to 80% in energy. You also help to take care of the planet as they are non-polluting products, and also with an instant ignition.

Applications of the 15W LED Downlight OSRAM chip 24º UGR17

  •     Shops
  •     Offices
  •     Meeting rooms
  •     Hotels
  •     Houses
  •     Halls

Led Downlight Osram

At LedFactory we ensure that our products have quality guarantee and offer all the necessary elements for DISTRIBUTION, IMPORT or WHOLESALER , including the technical sheet of each LED product.

REFERENCE:REFERENCE:SPOSR15W IP :IP :IP20 Rated Power :Rated Power :15w Diode Life Expectancy (H):Diode Life Expectancy (H):50 Nominal Voltage:Nominal Voltage:85V-265V Dimensions (mm):Dimensions (mm):240mm x 30mm x H 35mm Colour:Colour:3000K - 4000K CRI - Chromatic Rendiment Index:CRI - Chromatic Rendiment Index:90 Frequency (Hz):Frequency (Hz):50/60Hz Construction Material:Construction Material:Aluminium +PMMA Luminosity-Lm:Luminosity-Lm:2250 Number & Type of LEDs:Number & Type of LEDs:OSRAM SMD 3030 Beam Angle (º):Beam Angle (º):24º Luminous diodo LED (Lm/W):Luminous diodo LED (Lm/W):150Lm/W Luminous Efficiency (Lm/W):Luminous Efficiency (Lm/W):100 Lm/W Certifications:Certifications:CE - ROHS

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