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LED Lamp bulb 40W 185º BRIDGELUX

40W LED lamp of high durability designed specifically for large areas, high power conversion and low maintenance costs. It offers an instantaneous ignition, dedicating all the consumed energy to the creation of light. The energy savings achieved enable a rapid return on the initial investment. Long life, robustness and high resistance to vibrations.

With 185º light angle, in neutral white. Equipped with an innovative, slim tulip-shaped design for highly efficient, precise heat dissipation. It has a self-protection system of intelligent power adjustment when the recommended temperature is exceeded for greater efficiency.

Applications LED Lamp bulb 40W 185º:

  • Supermarkets and indoor garages.
  • Stores and shops in general.
  • Workshops and warehouses.
  • Replaces E40 125W halogen bulbs and E40 250W sodium vapour bulb
  • Industrial buildings.
  • Any interior area with high ceilings or large spaces.

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REFERENCE:REFERENCE:FLB40WT7 IP :IP :IP20 Rated Power :Rated Power :40w Diode Life Expectancy (H):Diode Life Expectancy (H):20000 Nominal Voltage:Nominal Voltage:175V-260V Dimensions (mm):Dimensions (mm):118x216mm Colour:Colour:4000K CRI - Chromatic Rendiment Index:CRI - Chromatic Rendiment Index:80 Frequency (Hz):Frequency (Hz):50/60Hz Construction Material:Construction Material:Flame retardant thermoplastic Temperature Range (ºC):Temperature Range (ºC):-20?C ~ +55?C Energy Rating:Energy Rating:A+ On/Off Cycles:On/Off Cycles:100000 Luminosity-Lm:Luminosity-Lm:3400Lm Starting Time (s):Starting Time (s):0,2s Number & Type of LEDs:Number & Type of LEDs:SMD2835 Bridgelux Chip Beam Angle (º):Beam Angle (º):185º Warranty Years:Warranty Years:2 Certifications:Certifications:CE - ROHS BaseBaseE27

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