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DC12V LED-Lamp Underwater - 36W - IP68

The 18w pool spotlight is characterised by its friction-welded optic lens, specially developed for underwater lighting, distributes the light around the pool evenly and excellently without dazzling bathers, making the lamp a reliable and efficient light to operate. 

With housing made of high resistance 316 stainless steel and IP68 sealing.

Includes 2m long cable.

Type 316 stainless steel is a nickel chromium austenitic stainless steel containing molybdenum. This addition increases the corrosion resistance of the steel.

One of the problems that usually arise with surface-mounted luminaires made of plastic is that they are usually broken by blows under water in swimming pools; Being an IK10 product made of steel, this problem of breakage due to impacts is solved.

DC12V power supply not included. High LED technology that offers excellent lighting and a saving of up to 90% in electricity consumption.

They offer an extraordinary lighting atmosphere, being the perfect choice to replace traditional incandescent bulbs in swimming pools, fountains or similar. They can also be used to illuminate aquariums and spaces where there is humidity.

  • Energy efficiency superior to any traditional incandescent halogen.
  • Luminous beam free of UV or IR rays.
  • Low operating temperature.


This underwater light must always be installed by qualified personnel. To install, always disconnect the power supply.

Do not connect the lights to an incorrect voltage, it could damage your lights.
It is necessary for the specialist to follow the following preparatory steps before installing the lights.

(Before performing the preparatory steps make sure that the pool's electrical system meets all requirements of all local codes and applicable legal regulations and standards).

A. Wall mounting should be performed so that the edge of the faceplate of the underwater lights is at least 45 cm below the normal water level (see Figure 1).

B. Perform the following steps after verifying compliance with electrical system requirements:

1. Locate the position on the vertical wall where the lights will be installed. The edge of the luminaire should be 45 cm below the normal water level (see Figure 1).

2. Mounting of new underwater lights. Drill the luminaire fixing holes in the wall and place the fixing plugs in each hole.

3. Coil a piece of wire around the back of the steel light housing.

4. Lower the light into the water by hiding the coiled cable behind the fixture.

5. Place the screws provided through the holes in the underwater luminaire and insert them into the wall plugs and secure them using a screwdriver until the luminaire is secure.

6. Connect the electrical wires from the underwater light to the output wires of the transformer. Always respect the polarity of the connected power supply line.

7. Verify the correct connection of all wires to the circuit wires and their respective polarity and allow current to flow.
Turn on the lights.

Applications of the DC12V LED-Lamp Underwater - 36W - IP68

  • Swimming pools
  • Jacuzzi
  • Ponds
  • Fountains
  • Aquariums

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REFERENCE:REFERENCE:POOL12 IP :IP :IP67-Outdoor Rated Power :Rated Power :36w Nominal Voltage:Nominal Voltage:12V DC Dimensions (mm):Dimensions (mm):Ø750x25mm Colour:Colour:4000K CRI - Chromatic Rendiment Index:CRI - Chromatic Rendiment Index:80 Construction Material:Construction Material:Steel + PMMA Energy Rating:Energy Rating:A+ Luminosity-Lm:Luminosity-Lm:3600 Number & Type of LEDs:Number & Type of LEDs:SMD (6x3W) Other Information:Other Information:Including 2m cable Beam Angle (º):Beam Angle (º):120° Luminous diodo LED (Lm/W):Luminous diodo LED (Lm/W):140 Lm/W Luminous Efficiency (Lm/W):Luminous Efficiency (Lm/W):100 Lm/W Certifications:Certifications:CE - ROHS

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