1. With cash upon receipt of products from our physical store.

2. By using a credit or debit card and upon receipt from our physical store or by delivery to the place you have chosen (with additional charge of shipping costs)

  • Important: In case of receipt from the physical store, the necessary condition is that the buyer brings with him the credit / debit card, as well as an official document that certifies his identity (police ID, passport, etc.)
  • Important: In case you are buying with a company card, the recipient's name should be written on the card.
  • Important: In case of credit or debit card transaction via internet, in order to ensure the security of transactions, there may be a delay of 3-4 working days for the shipment, as the The order is shipped after a payment is considered to have been made only when it is confirmed that the amount has been received.
  • Important: In an online transaction, you will need your card details (debit card - credit) to match the details of your order.

3. By cash on delivery of your order upon delivery to the place you have chosen. Please note that in case of choosing to pay by cash on delivery, you will be charged cash on delivery costs of up to 3 euros (plus shipping costs).